About Us

Company Overview

Byrd Enterprises, LLC (ByrdEnt)  began with a singular focus – to make a difference. Our leadership is a team of motivated professionals chosen specifically to meet the challenges of the current fiscal environment while making a positive difference for customers, employees, partners, teammates, the communities in which we live and work, and for our nation. Our diverse backgrounds, can-do attitudes, and business relationships puts Byrd Enterprises in the enviable position of being able to meet any customer challenge, especially in the areas of: information technology services; advisory and assistance services; administrative services; consulting services; and staffing.

ByrdEnt’s leadership understands how to start and manage projects of many different disciplines. With our array of experience from previous endeavors and businesses, our team has expertise with in-depth business consulting, technical and business program and project management, as well as staffing and managing professional services, including administrative, technical, professional, and business personnel.

Since our inception, we have developed, deployed, and refined corporate-level policies and procedures, for all aspects of our business and others’. ByrdEnt is a results-driven organization that is fully committed to the discipline of process implementation and improvement. Our processes and procedures are completely Government Compliant, to include: payroll; accounting & finance; accounts receivable and payable; time card charging and reporting; employee training; security; and human resources.  We base our processes on the tenets of ISO 9001, the Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK), and other industry best practices.

Byrd Enterprises’ unique organizational structure, allows us to meet customer needs at a lower cost with a higher rate of effectiveness, responsiveness, flexibility, and agility. We provide our employees with competitive salaries, a robust benefits package, and a positive work environment. We give them the peace of mind to maintain the proper focus to successfully execute every customer’s mission.


ByrdEnt Ethos

Our Vision
Be a Premier Service Provider and Customer Partner


Our Mission
Make a Positive Difference, in the Futures of Our Customers, Partners, Teammates,
Employees, the Communities in which We Reside and Work, and for Our Nation


Our Motto
Making a Difference


Our Core Values


Leadership Team

    Ken Byrd - CEO2small  Tom Mallot  Amanda Johnson


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