Byrd Enterprises, LLC Awarded Janra Distribution Center’s Contract to Install a Fire Pump Room

March 9th, 2016  

On 4 March, 2016 Byrd Enterprises submitted a proposal to build a 2-hour fire-rated Fire Pump Room (FPR) for Janra Distribution, located in Henderson, NV. That same day Janra awarded the contract to Byrd Enterprises, LLC.

The room will be 12’ x 17’ x 6’ constructed of fire-rated materials. Byrd’s installation will provide: one split unit for heat and air conditioning; one floor drain tied into the sanitary sewer; one 4’ door opening; two combustion air intakes; one housekeeping pad for equipment; and an electrical installation for lighting and controls. It also includes the demolition of asphalt, and excavation of a 100’ plumbing trench with backfill and patch back of asphalt to accommodate the required, added plumbing, a QAA inspection, and the addition of 12 bollards for high bay racks. Once the building permit is obtained Byrd Enterprises, LLC expects to get everything in place in 10 days, and complete the project within two weeks.

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