Byrd Enterprises, LLC Receives a “Perfect 10” Score on their ISO Audit Two Years in a Row

July 18th, 2016  

On 15 July 2016, Byrd Enterprises, LLC was notified by Guberman-PMC, LLC (an ISO Audit Company) that, for the second year in a row, they have received a perfect score of ten on their ISO 2001:9008 Audit. Guberman-PMC, LLC reported that, “Your quality system documentation for your annual surveillance audit/review has been analyzed and approved. Based on the data gathered, Byrd Enterprises, LLC, has received an overall total score of 10 out of a possible 10. (The second year in a row-that is outstanding!!) Your organization continues to demonstrate documentation implementation and maintenance of a QMS (quality management system) meeting ISO standards. Your customers have expressed approval regarding your quality, delivery, and overall service. They are truly satisfied with the work you produce as evidenced in the quality data gathered and rated for your audit.”
Guberman-PMC, LLC can assist a company in all aspects of their QMS and will perform internal audits and management reviews saving money in costly man hours that could be spent more productively and efficiently, producing materials than taking your employees off their machines to perform audits. They will be there to represent your company at those customer audits as part of their value-added package! Contact them to find out how they can work with you as well as for you, and stand as your audit representative. For more information on Guberman-PMC, LLC please visit their website at